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Grape in Memory of the Teacher

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Today many Russians grow grapes on their plots. When choosing a vine, it is necessary to take into account the climatic characteristics of the region and the ripening time of the variety. The Grape of Memory of the Teacher is a relatively young hybrid form, which gardeners still know little about.

It should be noted that the variety is still being tested, but, according to the reviews of gardeners who are already growing this grape, the Memory of the Teacher has a great future. Description of the variety, main characteristics and interesting photos will be presented in the article.

A bit of history

The author of the new grape variety is an amateur breeder E. G. Pavlovsky. The well-known Talisman and Cardinal varieties were used to create the hybrid. The Pavlovsky grape has absorbed all the best qualities of its parents: frost resistance, the ability to resist certain diseases. The variety is mainly cultivated so far in the Black Sea region, since the testing of the vine is still ongoing.

Features of the hybrid

The grapes of the Teacher's Memory, according to the description, belong to the table varieties, are distinguished by their super early maturity. The first bunches, according to the reviews of gardeners involved in the culture, are cut in the last days of July or early August.

When growing a hybrid on a large scale, farmers prefer not to pluck the grape harvest early, leaving the bunches until autumn. In this case, the berries gain sugar and nutmeg flavor.

Description of bushes

The vine of the variety is characterized by strong growth. Ripe shoots become light brown with red veins. The leaves of grapes in Memory of the Teacher are dark green, located on reddish petioles. The shape of the plate is five-lobed, with good corrugation.


The grape varieties are grown not only for the fruit. The fact is that at any time of the year the plant can decorate the garden.

It is difficult to find a variety with such huge bunches weighing up to two kilograms! The brush sizes are also impressive, they can be 40-60 cm long.

The shape of the bunch of the Memory of the Teacher variety is symmetrical cylindrical-conical, sometimes winging can be observed. Medium-density brushes. Since there are both male and female flowers on the varieties of the Memory of the Teacher, the plant does not require an additional pollinator, the set rate is 100%. Consequently, under favorable conditions, peas are not observed for grape varieties.

Important! Bunches of grapes created by Pavlovsky do not lose their shape and do not crumble, even if they are not plucked from the bush in time.


By the end of ripening, the bunches are colored in all shades of pink or cherry with a purple tint. This parameter of the grape berry of the variety often depends on how the variety multiplied. Different rootstocks have their own effect on the color of the fruit.

Berries are oval in shape, rather large in size - from 10 to 15 grams. This feature of the fruit of the Memory of the Teacher variety can be seen in the photo below.

The grape variety from breeder Pavlovsky has medium-density berries. They are crispy, juicy, but not watery. Each berry has 2-3 seeds. The skin is also dense, but it is not felt when eaten. In addition, this property allows the fruit to maintain its presentation, not to crack even in a rainy summer.

Attention! If the berry is cracked for some reason, it is not covered with rot, but raises.

The grapes are tasty, with a large amount of sugar (18-20%), which increases from the long hanging of the bunches on the vine. The fruit of the Memory of the Teacher variety is fragrant with delicate notes of nutmeg. Some gardeners who have taken up the culture for the first time, in their reviews, note that there is no nutmeg taste in the berries. This may be due to various reasons, but, most likely, the bunches of the variety are not allowed to ripen well on the bush.

Interesting Facts

The grape variety has universal application. The fruits are delicious fresh, in compotes. And the presence of tannins allows the use of berries in home winemaking. The drinks are aromatic, red-burgundy in color with a pleasant aftertaste of nutmeg.

The variety already has its first awards. When the competition (2015) "Sunny Bunch" was held, the grapes became the winner in the "Consumer Sympathy" nomination.


Description of the variety, reviews and photos of grapes in Memory of the Teacher will be incomplete if important characteristics are not indicated: advantages and disadvantages.


Let's dwell on the merits of the new hybrid:

  1. The grapes in Memory of the Teacher have a stable yield, long-term fruiting.
  2. Excellent taste and culinary properties.
  3. High transportability and keeping quality of bunches, which makes grapes attractive for large-scale cultivation.
  4. Ripening of the vine along its entire length.
  5. Resistance of grapes to gray rot and many other diseases of the culture.
  6. The ability to grow on various rootstocks, since the variety in Memory of the Teacher is well combined with them.
  7. Frost resistance is also good, the plant can withstand temperatures up to -23 degrees.

Negative points

It should be noted that the work on the variety has not yet been completed, it continues to be tested. But gardeners who grow grapes, along with the advantages in the reviews, note some disadvantages:

  • plants do not like too wet soil;
  • for cultivation, you need to use nutritious and fertile soil;
  • late frosts in autumn or spring can destroy grape bushes;
  • fruiting, and, consequently, the yield decreases at high temperatures;
  • when grown in harsh climates, it is required to shelter the bushes of the variety for the winter;
  • if the formation of brushes is not normalized, overload occurs, therefore, the yield for the next season will decrease.

Grapes in Memory of the Teacher on different rootstocks:

Planting grapes

When planting a vine on a site, it is necessary to take into account the fact that grapes will have to grow in one place for more than a dozen years. That is why it is necessary to fulfill the requirements for culture. Even one mistake can become a reason requiring you to do the work again.

Seat selection

When growing bushes of grapes in Memory of the Teacher on the site, you should give him a comfortable place:

  1. The site should be well lit and protected from cold northerly winds, in extreme cases, you can build a special protection. The best option is to plant seedlings near the building wall, on the south side. Tall trees should not grow next to grapes of any kind, including the Memory of the Teacher, as they will shade the plantings.
  2. Grapes love high places, but lowlands can be destructive for it: the roots are affected by fungal diseases.
  3. When choosing a soil, you can not bother much, the main thing is that when planting it is well seasoned with nutrients. But so that phylloxera does not settle on the plantation with the Memory of the Teacher variety, clay or muddy soil is better suited.

Pit preparation

Prepare the landing site in advance. In the fall, the ridges need to be dug up, all plant residues must be removed. A pit for grapes of the Memory of the Teacher variety must have the following parameters: depth - 80 cm, diameter at least 50 cm.

The bottom of the seat is covered with drainage, and the top is well fertilized with humus or compote soil. You need to water the hole abundantly. You don't need to do anything else. In the spring, you will have to install an irrigation pipe, as in the photo below.

Advice! It is imperative that wood ash is introduced under the grapes, as a top dressing, which contains a large number of trace elements.

Landing dates

Experienced gardeners do not recommend planting grape seedlings in Memory of the Teacher in the fall. Better to postpone the landing until the spring. In this case, the variety will have the opportunity to take root, and in the future, it will winter well.

No one will say exactly when to plant grapes in a permanent place, because the timing depends on the climatic features of the region. You need to focus on mid-April or early May. The air should warm up to +15 degrees.

Attention! The dates may be earlier if the grape variety in Memory of the Teacher is grown as a greenhouse culture.


With the onset of favorable climatic conditions, the vine begins to be planted. In the center of a hole or trench, mounds are made and bushes are installed on them, the roots are carefully straightened. They must look straight down!

The plantings are covered with fertile soil, spilled and well squeezed around the plantings of the soil to ensure reliable adhesion of the roots to the soil and squeeze air out of the "pockets".

Warning! Since the grape varieties are tall and spreading, at least one and a half meters are left between the bushes.

Care features

Planted grapes in the first year of life are watered first weekly, after 30 days, once a month. Watering ends in August.

For watering adult bushes, use the following scheme:

  • in spring, if there was little rainfall in winter;
  • then once before and after flowering. During the ripening of the bunches, watering is not carried out;
  • after harvesting in the autumn.

It is better to feed the grapes with organic fertilizers at least 4 times during the growing season. If you like mineral dressings, then at the beginning of growth, two nitrogen feeds are carried out, then potassium and phosphorus.

Important! Any feeding is stopped before the grapes ripen.

They cut off the variety in Memory of the Teacher for 6-8 eyes; in the summer, stepchildren, which grow from the axils of the leaves, are necessarily broken.

Diseases and pests

To save the sweet berries of the variety from the feathered sweet tooth, you need to pull a strong rigid mesh over the plantings.

Since the resistance of grapes in Memory of the Teacher to diseases is average, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures:

  1. From the felt mite, plantings are sprayed with a solution of copper sulfate, Kaptan.
  2. You can get rid of the grape leafworm with the help of Keltan, Fozalon, DNOC.
  3. The grape variety suffers the most from phylloxera. At the initial stage of the disease, you can use chemicals. Severely infested bushes are rarely salvaged. To prevent spreading to the entire plantation, the affected bushes are uprooted and burned. There is another option: after harvesting the plantation is flooded for a month and a half.

Attention! A month before harvesting, all treatments are stopped.

The Grape of Memory of the Teacher is an excellent hybrid form that can be grown not only in the open, but also in protected ground. That is why the popularity of the variety will increase.

Gardeners reviews

Veronica, 39 years old, Krasnodar region

I have been growing a hybrid in the Memory of the Teacher for several years. I must say right away that grapes behave perfectly in all respects. Always comes out of wintering amicably, it recovers perfectly. The bunches are large, lying. During transportation, they do not lose their appearance and taste. I advise you to grow.

Sergey, 40 years old, Moscow

My Teacher has been growing for a long time, always pleased with the harvest. But last year there were peas. At first I did not understand what was the matter. I consulted with experts, it turned out that it was my own fault. In the previous year, I was flattered by a large harvest and overloaded the vine. As you can see, greed does not lead to good. And so, the variety from Pavlovsky is worthy of cultivation in summer cottages. It does not cause any particular difficulties, the events are traditional. But their berries are much tastier and healthier than store ones. Yes, I forgot to say: I feed only organic.

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