Plant hanging lights - Suitable plants and information

Plant hanging lights - Suitable plants and information

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Hanging lights are a nice way to add color accents to the balcony and terrace. It is only important that you differentiate between shade and sun worshipers.

Hanging lights are flowery eye-catchers A hanging light is a colorful eye-catcher at the house entrance, on the balcony or terrace, which immediately exudes a good mood. Planted with colorful summer flowers, they even look beautiful into autumn. But only if you pay attention to a few points. After all, you cannot plant the hanging lights as you please. Why not? Because not every plant likes the sun or the shade. So you have to look for suitable plants here. But first of all we would like to clarify which hanging lights are there.

What hanging lights are there?

Flower baskets are made of different materials and of course also in different sizes. The closed containers are usually made of plastic, ceramic or metal. However, open variants often consist of wire mesh, rattan or macrame. Whether you use an open or closed traffic light depends on the place where you want to attach the hanging basket.

Depending on which traffic light you choose, the preparation is also slightly different. With a sealed vessel, e.g. a drainage layer made of expanded clay and a drain hole are important to prevent waterlogging. However, you need to line open traffic lights with bleaching moss before planting. This will prevent earth from trickling out.

Which plants are suitable for the sun or shade?

Suitable plants for hanging lights in the sun:

Cape flower and hussar button fit well in the middle of the traffic light. You can then put petunias along the edge, for example, which grow cascading over the edge of the hanging lights. Petunias look particularly pretty with small flowers. You get the flowers in many colors. Other classics for hanging baskets in the sun are:

  • geraniums
  • Blue fan flowers
  • Lantana
  • oleander
  • Goldtaler / Flower Ducat
  • Portulaca grandiflora
  • vanilla flower

They bring variety to the hanging mini garden. You can see all plants in our picture gallery: hanging lights plants for the sun.

Suitable plants for hanging lights in the shade:

A combination of light and darker plants looks particularly decorative in the shade. Here thrive e.g. Fuchsias and the hardworking Lieschen very good, which are also available in several colors. To loosen up - also in terms of color - fit in the shade, partial shade and green plants hanging in the sun, which you can put well between the flowering specimens. Ivy and frankincense, for example, provide beautiful effects. Also well suited for shade:

  • Begonias
  • Edel Lies
  • snowflakes flower
  • hydrangeas
  • lobelia
  • hostas
  • Günsel
  • Coleus
  • Lavendelheide
  • laurel

You can see all plants in our picture gallery: hanging lights plants for the shade.

Maintain, water and fertilize

Planting in a hanging traffic light requires little maintenance. It is best to take off blooming flowers regularly. The most important thing is the supply of water: water in the morning and in the evening with lukewarm water. When it comes to fertilizing, you don't have to do much here. The starter soil contains enough fertilizer for the first few weeks. Later, you only need to add liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water once a week. You can also use the practical fertilizer sticks.